Class Descriptions

Iyengar Slow Yoga

Slow Yoga allows time for you to explore the sensations of the body and to discover what feels best as you go into the yoga pose with alignment and awareness. As you observe what is going on in the body, you can make adjustments along to way so the pose is both steady and comfortable. In this slower paced class you’ll use appropriate props to go deeper both physically and mentally into your own being. No previous experience with yoga is required.

Take it Easy Yoga

Perfect for students new to yoga and continuing students with physical limitations resulting from injury or age. Tight bodies will begin to open as we use props and ropes to make the poses more accessible.

Yoga Basics

Yoga Basics is a beginner Alignment based class to strengthen & stretch your body. Learn core poses and why the breath is so important. A truly accessible practice for all body types, no matter your perceived physical limitations.

Level I

List of poses in Level 1 class

This class is appropriate for those who have completed the introductory Iyengar series or who are returning to yoga. You will learn more about the basic standing poses and be introduced to inversions (headstand, shoulderstand, and plow). We’ll begin to explore chest-opening poses as well.

Level II

This class is for students who are strong in the standing poses and ready to work on backbends and twists. You’ll continue to explore inversions as well as forward bends.

Level III

This class is for students who are strong in all aspects of practice and who have a home practice including inversions. You will work with handstand, forearm balance, and additional challenging poses. It’s not about the poses, but about how you approach them!

Alignment Based Yoga

Alignment Based Yoga is a systematic approach based on the alignment principles that allows students of all ages and abilities to learn the techniques of proper alignment, breathing, and relaxation.

Intro and Level I classes are perfect for students who are brand new to yoga, students who have had very little yoga, and students who took yoga a long time ago.

Level II classes are for ongoing students or those with recent prior yoga experience.

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